Immigration Law 364A - Volunteer Opportunities

LAST UPDATED 18 January 2005

There are several BIA (Board of Immigration Appeals) "Accredited Representatives" in Oregon. Each one provides volunteers with unique opportunities to learn, while helping people struggle with Immigration.

1. Catholic Charities Immigration Services: 503-231-4866  

This project is located in inner Southeast Portland, and serves predominantly Spanish speaking clients.  This agency prefers to have volunteers that speak Spanish.

2. Immigration Counseling Service: 503-221-1689 

This is the oldest accredited agency in Oregon. As a result, they are very busy and need many volunteers. They have different volunteer opportunities available, ranging from intaking cases, writing appeal briefs, legal research, or documenting asylum claims. They are interested in any volunteer, especially those who speak SPANISH, FRENCH, ARABIC, RUSSIAN, ROMANIAN, or VIETNAMESE. This agency assists with both deportation/removal hearings, asylum and family sponsorship and adjustment forms processing. There are 2 attorneys, 2 accredited reps, and a paralegal on staff.

3. Lutheran Family Services: 503-233-0042

This agency DOES NOT assist with deportation/removal hearings. They do assist with asylum and family form processing. There is NO LANGUAGE REQUIREMENT FOR VOLUNTEERS.

4. S.O.A.R. (Sponsors Organized to Assist Refugees) 503-284-3002

This agency primarily works on asylum cases, using a large (30+) pool of attorneys that do not normally practice immigration law. They have a LARGE NEED FOR VOLUNTEERS, many of whom may be assisting with citizenship and/or conducting research for asylum cases. There is NO LANGUAGE REQUIREMENT FOR VOLUNTEERS.

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