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US Department of Labor- Washington State Employment Division - Oregon State Employment Department 

Immigration Law - Professor Capriotti - In-class reference links

ADJUST: Information on Adjustment of Status

ASYLUM: Information on the standards for Asylum applications

BIGTIME: small time crime BIG TIME TROUBLE - an article on The New Immigration Laws

BROCH: Index of Immigration Options

BVISA: B-1/B-2 business & tourist visitor visas

CHANGE: Information on Change of Non-Immigrant Status

CONSUL: Applying for a non-immigrant work visa at a US Consul

CRIME : Immigration Consequences of Criminal Activity

DUAL: Dual Citizenship

EVISA: Treaty Trader/Investor visas

EMPLOY: Employment-based Permanent visas

EXPIRE: The I-94 and expiration of the visa stamp

F1VISA: The F-1 Academic Student Visa

F1WORK: Work permit options for foreign students

FAMILY: Family-based permanent visas

FEES: INS Filing Fee Schedule

H1BEMPE: The H-1B temporary work visa

H3VISA: The H-3 temporary trainee visa

INDEX: HOME PAGE of Capriotti & Associates

IV-CHRT: Graphic chart of immigrant visa options

L1WHAT: The L-1 company transfer visa

LABCERT: The Labor Certification Process

LAWYER: How can an Immigration Lawyer help you?

LINKS: Links to sites which provide links to us

LOTTERY: Information on the current visa lottery

NAFTA: The North American Free Trade Agreement visa

NATURL: Naturalization/Citizenship in the US

NIV-CHRT: Graphic chart of non-immigrant visa options

OVISA: The O Visa options

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