Immigration Law 364A - Class Policies

LAST UPDATE - 18 January 2005


Attendance will only be taken during the first two weeks.  However, it is a good idea e-mail Professor when you miss a class, to see if anything beyond the syllabus was covered.


After the second class, everyone is expected to remain in the same seat for the remainder of the semester. Unless you have special needs, I ask that all students sit in the first 3-4 rows, to facilitate communication.


Try to check your e-mail at least 2 hours before class, for last minute announcements. You will be provided with at least 2 days prior notice of any new reading assignments

In-class use of the Internet

You are encouraged to go on-line and visit the same websites I will be showing on the overhead projector during class.

Final Examination - May 5, 2005

The final examination is designed to be a 3 hour examination. None-the-less, you will be allowed up-to 4 hours to complete the examination. The examination consists of 100 points and may be divided into three sections: