Immigration Law 363E - Class Policies

LAST UPDATE - 15 January 2004


Attendance is not required for all classes. But, due to the limited number of classes we will be having and the fact that much of the information learned will not be contained in a textbook, you are encouraged to attend all classes.



Everyone is expected to remain in the same seat, after the first class, for the remainder of the semester. Unless you have special needs, I ask that all students sit in the first few rows, to facilitate seminar-style communication.

Laptop computers

Laptop computers are encouraged. But, as a courtesy to others, I ask that you turn off of your speakers.


Try to check your e-mail at least 2 hours before class, for last minute announcements. You will be provided with at least 2 days prior notice of any new reading assignments

In-class use of the Internet

You are free to visit the same websites I am presenting during a class session. But, should not be 'surfing' to sites which are not immigration-related.


The final examination is designed to be a 2 hour examination. None-the-less, you will be allowed up-to 3 hours to complete the examination. The examination consists of 100 points and is divided into three sections:

  • short answer (approximately 30 points);
  • fill in the blanks (approximately 30 points); and,
  • an essay question (approximately 40 points).
  • I reserve the right to modify the exact examination configuration at any time prior to the examination date.

    The final examination is open book.

    You may take the examination prior to the 'officially' scheduled exam date if you wish. But, all examinations must be in the Registrar's office by the end of the final examination period.


    I do grade on a curve, in accordance with the school's grading policy. Accordingly, the average grade for the class will be around B+.

    The FINAL EXAMINATION will be worth 2/3 of your final grade.

    You will also be provided with two writing assignments before spring break. Together they will be worth 1/3 of your final grade. They will be due at the same time as you turn in your final examination.

    The written assignments will not require substantial legal research. (Thus they should NOT qualify as A/B papers.) Rather, they will be practice oriented.

    You will be asked to prepare two sample visa applications (one non-immigrant and one immigrant). You will be provided with the majority of materials needed to complete the assignment. None-the-less, you will find that the library contains additional practice materials, which could aid you in preparing a more complete visa application. (Especially IMMIGRATION PRACTICE by Robert Divine which is on hold at the library.)

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